In the quiet places
We are...|

Climbing the walls

Falling out with each other


Jotting daily notes and rubbing our feet together

Retreating into ourselves and struggling to adjust


I am save and miss hugs

Growing to love my makeup free face

Dancing in the Dark

Fatigued and yearning for warmth

Reconnecting and reaching out


Turning away from capitalism

Human beings hopeful as we are loving so bravely


Realising the damaging reactions of our actions

The sum of our parts

Who we were meant to be

The sum of our parts change must come at last

Uncovering the true colours in the world

Rediscovering what Nature means

A grateful day the rest will fall in place

Searching online for quieter vibrators

Getting more creative in making wraps

Falling in love with life every day a bit more

Listening to the birds more

Brushing our teeth before a video call

Focusing on ourselves ☻

Learning to value time

Distracting ourselves and then remembering again

Discovering we dont need another pair of shoes

Figuring out what i actually care about anymore

Reconnecting with distant friends

Wishing we were quarantined with someone else

Separated by an ocean

All wishing we had someone closer to us

Trying not to let our thoughts take over

Enjoying the slower pace

Missing bae

Tired of the days blending into each other

Hunted by our ghosts

Quiet people

In Melbourne missing Something More Near

Deciding which fridge item we are most similar to


Contemplating stealing The Crown Jewels

Liking this brave new world

Getting ready for twins to arrive in August

Discovering who we really are

Giving our condiments pet names

Finding clarity and simplicity

Doing things with purpose

Finding space to just be

Falling in love with play

Being still and letting God lead

Telling the truth

Yearning over summer loves

Formally adopting the street cat

Eating dinner for breakfast

Trying to slow down and find peace and happiness

Replacing soy sauce with Lea and Perrins

Figuring out these abundant thoughts by journallin

Grateful to be alive

Resculpting a vision for the future

Having sex multiple times a day

Wondering if we are gonna miss Phase 1

Dancing around the house to Tupac California Love

Drinking ourselves to a stupor every night

Hoping the planes never start up again

Drowning our sorrows in wine

Creating music in our heads

Trying to limit the news intake

Trying to rest and conceive

Feeling anxious

Zoning out of another Zoom call

Playing cheese roulette on a lazy susan

Listening to the birds

All on our best behaviour

Space wizards in a bounty simulator

Relearning to appreciate the small things

Saying hello to strangers

Excited when the postman arrives

Developing prison bods

Paying off a debt with our stimulus checks

Thankful for leaving my husband before lockdown

Enjoying my daughter and missing my parents

Writing letters

Glad of perspective and grateful for everything

Missin mom even more eachday wishin she was alive

Wondering when will I finally get the break I yearn

Thinking life has now stopped giving lemons too

Trying to do one thing at a time

Finding it hard to fall asleep

Peaking through windows

Relying a little too much on wine

Wondering when we’ll become famous

Dreaming more

Rethinking how we’d truly like to spend our time

Secretly loving life the way it is :)

Discovering our children have grown very fast in the nursery

Falling in love with my husband again

Watching a man in a full formal suit getting a can of milk

Watching J&A

Having aperitif on zoom

Furloughed x

Finding our party friends from our real friends

Not missing the smell of dead rats

Struggling to switch on

Struggling to switch off

Experimenting with whipped coffee, ending up on a sugar high

Trying new methods and models of help

Drinking and eating a lot

Vic’s slaves

Crushing credits

Making Tik Tok videos in the hope to become famous

Asking friends 4 noise cancelling headphone recommendations

Wishing to hug our loved ones

Dreaming of big distances and be immersed in nature

Doing the laundry every month

Doing the laundry every day

Sleeping on the sofa when the sunlight hits it at 1:36

Waking up when we’re ready

Hanging bands to the radiator

Watching flowers bloom

Learning the importance of having a bidet!

Thinking pigeons are engineered by the government

Developing a hatred for pigeons

Seeing white hair turn brown again

Blundering in our chess games

Still frustrated about handstands

Listening to our neighbours record John Prine tribute songs

Writing love letters to ex husbands who hate us

Tap dancing to the utmost delight of our downstair neighbour


Out for Carole Baskin

Not changing the way we dress and refuse to wear suits

Climbing the walls like caged apes

Looking out the window, sunbathing and enjoying the silence

Appreciating the importance of time to reach out to loved ones

Watching the horizon

Learning the bats migration patterns

Grieving for the life we used to have

Looking through curtains into the fading light

Smoking hash from a small wooden pipe made by Cornishman

Having my head shaved by the missus. Fabulous and free

Getting to the things right at the bottom of the to-do list

Growling at the noisy motorbikes that are spoiling the peace

Working just as much but in greater comfort

In the garden and listening to small birds and children play

Learning to recycle/reuse what I got like in the old days

Drinking too much

Learn to do things I’ve not done before taking up new crafts

Playing mindless phone games just for something to do

Going out a lot in my dreams

Learning nursery rhymes on a pocket cornet

Watching YouTube tutorials for stuff I’ll never need

Playing fallout 4 and call of duty warzone

Reconsidering if my job is meaningful enough

Wondering if things really will ever just be normal again?

Playing bingo in the street

Looking at the glass half-full


Helping others to forget my existential fear


Staying at home, protecting the NHS, saving lives

Avoiding starting work for the day

Starring at the screens waaaaaay more!

Feeling exhausted for no reason

Taking each day as it comes

Reflecting on the really important Stuff about life

Spending 15 hours a day listening to music

Actually taking the time to listen to the missed lyrics

Thinking more

Fascinated to see no aeroplanes in the skies

Self reflection and appreciation the sovereignty of God

Praying more and reflecting

Dreaming of alternative realities

Missing my lovely children

Getting to know yourself better with all the loud solitude

Drinking more red wine

Counting how many times the neighbours leave the house

Slowing down and redetermining what really matters to us

Learning to appreciate the little things

Reflecting on the sovereignty of God

Counting the eggs as they turn to omelettes

No one stabbing each other or shooting each other any more

Thinking of our patients who succumbed to COVID-19

We design spaces and then they design us

Reflecting on what is and appreciative of what could be

Truly learning to be grateful for the little things

Decluttering studies and other spaces in the house

Lying on our backs and staring at the white ceiling

Doing about a 7 million workout videos

Tik toking a lot in secret

Watching Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Realising we have everything we need

Having the same dreams

Feeling gratitude and trying to moderate the drinking

Realising we’re really allergic to our cat

Running a bath and making Goulash...not mutually exclusive

Playing more, giggling more & drinking more vodka

As old as my six year old daughter

Hoping for owls

Counting bank voles

Taking time out of the working day to sit outside in the sun

The local shop has more than you think

Only nine bottles left

Enjoying the little things

Snacking more


Knocking down towers

Able to reflect

Not alone

Together more

Making puzzles for the first time in 30 years

Working like there’s no tomorrow

Screen zombies

Listening to louder music

Making more time for family (even if virtually)




Trying to find ourselves

Realising that the lifestyle we prefer is called quarantine


Self-reflecting & seeking purpose

Enjoying the silence in the city

Listening to gildegois

Watching all the great films by great female directors

Cooking lots of nice meals

Enjoying spending time together as a family

Actually looking at the pictures we took – of places we miss

Listening to our bodies, finding new routines

Dreaming of a piece of land to call our own

Meat bags

Suffering quietly

Enjoying not feeling pressured to do so much

Loving the ingenuity of small business

Rediscovering our local area

Tying old ribbons to a bush

Embracing the slow pace and taking it one day at a time

Rainbow spotting

Sharing a “pink moon” moment

Buying all the things, but eating all the things

Envious of dog owners

Eating too much cheese

Having similar dreams

Thinking about when all of this is gonna end

On the verge of tears with the intensity WFH has created

Contemplating going bald

Speculating that Zoom is behind COVID-19

Watching cats roam

Trying to figure out how to escape mount stupid

Listening to our neighbour having a chat with their shrub

Building ‘box forts’ after watching horrific youtube videos

Still working pretty hard

Embracing our inner child

We can finally just slow down

Quoting: Dear God!the very houses seem asleep

Saying hello to strangers in the street

Seeing more stars in the sky

Enjoying long phone calls with old friends

Looking for that elusive third space

Finally having time to do nothing at all

Finding new ways to love

Embracing the pause

Actually breathing, thinking, learning

Riding bikes across fields to clear our heads

Missing nature and the sea


Having virtual house parties and pub quizzes every night

Dreaming to be on a beach, in Italy, almost at sunset

Lonely but together

Stronger together

Dreaming about this hug you want to give

Watching way too much Netflix

Meeting again

Realising what we have

Reading in the sunshine

Ordering doughnuts to our door


Running out of 99 things but toilet paper isn’t one of them

Checking, talking & connecting with friends more than usual

Turning living rooms into a gym

Talking more with our friends than before the lockdown

Baking more cakes than any one person can consume

Checking with neighbours before going shopping

Thinking the pandemic is a portal

Thinking about life before this and what we don’t miss

Looking at a sky without vapor trails

Making cards for everyone we miss

Lonely and tired and frightened

Watching too much TV

Standing in the queue for the butchers

Saying hello to the flowers

Playing on the steps

Drying avocado pits on the windowsill

Hearing the birds singing

Succumbing to Gin

Discovering our community at a distance

Looking at the sunshine through the window

Learning what silence in a city can mean

Running out of coffee!

Endlessly making coffee

Planting vegetables in window boxes

Learning to grieve without a funeral

Feeling history happening in real time

Surprised at who we are missing the most

Taking better care of our houseplants

Realising what’s important

Noticing a few more grey hairs

Banging on the window and waving at strangers

Trying to find the most complicated ikea furniture

Disinfecting apples

Sitting on far too many video calls

Finding time to think in ways we didn’t expect

Discovering deep meaning in Justin Bieber lyrics

Making changes we have wanted to for a long long time

Going more than slightly mad

Singing acapella

Wishing we had spent Christmas with our parents

Slightly unwashed

Hearing new birdsongs each morning